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Re: Instruments

I don´t know about you all but I love to play the weird odd meter stuff, and
to hell with accents on the up beat and such........if you can keep it
straight you ain´t playin´  music baby!! I could come up with a nasty drum
track and then we could go from there, or nate could give me a guitar lick
or riff or full tune.... we could get this done. It may have trickey
logistics, but it is possible. I would love to do this really. We could make
a real simple easy song and just have fun.
4/4 time, the usual  verse chorus bridge refrain verse verse chorus deal.
Maybe add a solo for naters to strut with and we´ll be in ........

or maybe a 6/8 snazzy tune with a 12/8 chorus? Hell even 5/4 would be
cool.... think about it peoples..
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Datum: Samstag, 8. Mai 1999 09:50
Betreff: Re: Instruments

>I get the impression we've to play some Glam Rock type stuff, with perhaps
>bit of cheesy Disco, but I dare say some punk will slip in as that's not
>from our normal style anyway.
>Bands like Chic, Sweet and the Bay City Rollers unfortunately spring to
>I'm actually looking forward to it immensely, I just need to sort out my
>stage outfit!
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>Date: 08 May 1999 06:11
>Subject: Re: Instruments
>>Which 70's?   The early 70's that had Lead Zepplin, the Stones when they
>>were still fresh, and rock n' roll bands like Bachman-Turner Overdrive?
>>the late 70's of Disco?  (Which,as everyone knows, SUCKED!!!!)  Or the
>>70's of anti-Disco (aka Punk Rock)?  (Which produced cutting edge bands
>>like Blondie).  Hmmm.  Let's see.  Barry Manilow was also really big on
>>pop charts in the mid to late 70's.  The 70's also had a bunch
>>groups with big hair, polyester suits, a little choreography, and lead
>>singers who sang in faltsetto.  To those of us who lived through it, the
>>70's had a lot more music than the sound track to Saturday Night Fever.
>>So here's my advice, Ralph:   Play that funky music, white boy!
>>-Gary G.
>>> From: Ralph Plowman <were.ralph@virgin.net>
>>> To: groop@groo.com
>>> Subject: Re: Instruments
>>> Date: Thursday, May 06, 1999 11:47 AM
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>>> HI all,
>>> I play bass, and I have a bass shaped like an octopus that a friend made
>>> me!
>>> We've got a bizarre gig for millenium night at a 70s party We have to
>>play a
>>> bunch of 70s songs!
>>> Suggestions always welcome.
>>> Ralph
>>> ..........****>>re-lurk<<****..........