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RE: Goodbye, Mad Jack

>  original "TransFormers", "Robo-Tech", 
	YES!  Any rebroadcast of the Transformers would be outstanding!  Or
Robotech.  Unfortunately, these shows are discontinued out of sydication.
As  a huge fan of both these shows, I need these to be rebroadcast to
complete my tape collections (OK, so I am a little Dessessbo when it comes
to the transformers.  Sue me).
	As irony would have it, after our discussion of a Groo band, I was
asked to the singer for a Zeppelin cover band next month, one time gig only
for some bar.  Its a cross over band, with both Navy and Japanese members.
I have a month to rehearse and get my voice box and lungs back in shape (and
add the fact I don't sound like Robert Plant).  Me and the drummer discussed
writing some new tunes, done in seventies hard rock style.  A Groo/Fantasy
style song among them.  He was keen to the idea.  I'll keep you guys