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Re: Band names

Groowind -- Pink Groo -- The artist formerly known as Groo -- Groodonna --
The Captain (Ahax) and Groonile -- The Groo (Who) -- The Groo band on the
run -- GrooBBA -- Wolfman Groo -- Grooella night and the pips -- The Mamas
and the Groos -- The Groopenters -- Simon and Groofunkel (singing old
favourites like; the swords of silence, Here's to you Mrs Groobinson and
Like a fray over troubled waters) -- Elton Groo -- David Grooie -- The
travelling Grooburys -- Alice Grooper -- Dire Frays -- Groopertramp -- Groo
Groo Top -- Talking Groo Heads.

Dieter :)#


> As the subject implies Groop band names are included here in.
> Fleetwood Mulch-- Iron Sage-- The Mighty Mighty Groo-tones-- The Bare
> Naked Title Maidens-- Pal and Drumm and the Raiders-- Chaakal-a-rama--
> The Groo-Groo Dolls-- The Groo Fighters-- Captain Ahax and Tennile--
> Peaches and Sage (sage is an herb)-- Groo Oyster Cult-- Arbasmith--
> Darba's Midnight Runners-- Wall of VooGroo-- Minstrel Skynard-- Emerson,
> Lake and Groo-- Arcadevo-- The Groo Land Vocal Band-- Chaakal and the
> Pips-- Groo Funk Railroad -- Three Rufferto Night--  Sage and the Slver
> Bullet Band-- The Moody Groos-- The Grooby Bros.-- Sargent Groo's Lonley
> Hearts Club Band-- LollaPaGrooZa-- Simply Groo-- Groo and the Heart
> Breakers-- Groo B 40-- Electric Groo Orchestro-- Bunta Turner Overdrive
> (BTO)-- DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince of Chichester-- Pal Halen--
> Wang Drumm--  The Rolling Stone-Heads-- The 1910 Sage Gum Factory-- and
> that's all I can think of. Thank God.
> ---Bryan