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Greetings Groo-otakus,

I was going through the comic book collections of one of my friend, when I came across a rather old Groo book. Eagerly I flipped past the superbly drawn cover, and I was shocked, SHOCKED, to read the story that was inside... GROO WAS USING HIS BRAINS (I was under the impression that he didn't have one)... then I felt this sharp pain in my chest and...

Anywho... Groo using his head? I'm just confused (more now than normal). That's pretty much it.

I read an article in which they let "True, diehard Star Wars fans" get a
sneak peek at the movie and review it. There was a consensus among them
(EVERY one of the people quoted said this independently) which basically said
that there were too many computer generated scenes,

Does this count as an example of Grooism (or an oxymoron)? I mean, complaining about too much special effects in a STAR WARS film?? From "True,Diehard Star Wars fans"??

By the way, I find my self in a rather odd predicament. Every single book store I went to, now seem to be centered around "The Phantom Menace"; and thusly seem to boast all the books coming out regarding the movie. I seem to be drawn to them by curiosity, to find out what happens... yet... I can't! (if I am to save my self for the movie) But I'm dying to know what happens... (I mean I know that the kid becomes Darth Vader and all but still)... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHH!!!
-"Darth" Saad

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