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Swedish Issues


Some of you have e-mailed me privatly asking about Swedish issues of Groo.
I've managed to get some if anybody's interested and here's the list of the
ones I've got so far:

#1, 1985 (Pacific #3) 30 SEK
#3, 1985 (Pacific #5) 30 SEK
Album 1989 (a collection of "Groo's Swords", the story about the monkeys
and the one about Groo eating his future allies, bound) 90 SEK

To all the prices shipping will be added. First come first serve allthough
I give first takes to the ones who have allready contacted me about this.
In exchange I would like either money or a trade of some kind for other
Groo stuff I don't have.

If someone could send me the grading system for comics I could grade them
(G,VG,F,VF,M,NM etc). I know them but it was some time since I used them so
if someone would be so kind (c:

Regards Magnus

PS: If there is any interest I will keep searching for Groo issues, there
were some more at the shop but they were in poor condition (Good in the
grading system I suspect) so I skipped them. DS.
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