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RE: Goodbye, Mad Jack

At 11:15 09.05.99 +0900, you wrote:
>>  original "TransFormers", "Robo-Tech", 
>	YES!  Any rebroadcast of the Transformers would be outstanding!  Or
>Robotech.  Unfortunately, these shows are discontinued out of sydication.
>As  a huge fan of both these shows, I need these to be rebroadcast to
>complete my tape collections (OK, so I am a little Dessessbo when it comes
>to the transformers.  Sue me).

ROBOTECH RULES! .... haven't seen to much Transformers, but what i saw was
o.k. The reason that i'm actually posting is that a friend of mine mentioned
that he was getting most of Transformers digitized as MPG-files. If anyone
are interested i can check out where he's getting it from.

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