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Re: I caved

>By the way, I find my self in a rather odd predicament.  Every single book 
>store I went to, now seem to be centered around "The Phantom Menace"; and 
>thusly seem to boast all the books coming out regarding the movie.  I seem 
>to be drawn to them by curiosity, to find out what happens...  yet... I 
>can't! (if I am to save my self for the movie)  But I'm dying to know what 
>happens... (I mean I know that the kid becomes Darth Vader and all but 

~~~~ Well, I caved in.  I too saw SW in every book store this week... and I
bought it.  I'm 1/2 done the novel as of this e-mail and I have to say, I'm
not 100% happy with it, but I am 99% happy with it... it is awesome, but
but... well, I can't go any further without divulging something, so I'll
say this, if you want to know what I think they shouldn't have done, e-mail
me privately and I'll tell you.  I will say this:

They explained something they shouldn't have. 

But other than that, it will be as awesome as anticipated from what's in
the novel.

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