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Groo in SW

Yes, it is very slow around here lately.... any time I have less than 30
e-mails in my box I feel like I'm being ripped off... I pay good mon.... oh
wait, I don't pay good money for this.  Sorry.

Well, I finished Star Wars Episode 1, the novel.  Groo never showed up.

But I think Groo was an extra in a crowd scene, it went something like, "As
the Jedi raced by, a strange tubby man bolted from the crowd, his orange
jerkin and mind-numbing stench marking him as a true mendicant..."  (<--
That's a joke folks.  I made it up. Please don't e-mail me to ask if that's
really in the book... because I'll lie and say it was, and then you'll go
to the movie and look for GROO and be very disapointed, but I'll be in the
back of the theatre laughing (MWAHAHAH) as you exit to your car, crying.)
And once we're in the parking lot, you'll be angry, and I'll still be
laughing (MWAHAHA) and you'll pull out your "Club" vehicle security device
and weild it like a lightsaber, (humming, "hmmmmmm") and I'll grab a
no-parking sign ("vwmmmmmm") and we'll start whaling on each other and the
police will ask questions, and we'll have to say that it's all Mark
Evanier's fault.

~Darth Urinetoast
Nate Piekos            nate@piekosarts.com