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Very Obscure Swedish Groo Sighting

Hi Folks!

I just received a Swedish publication titled "MAD's Sergio Aragonés". 
(Some of you may have seen it on ebay.  I didn't buy it direct, I traded
with the person who did buy it.)  The publication is from Jul (Christmas?)
1986, by Semic.  It contains a dozen or so "A MAD Look At?"  reprints. 
Some of the best, in my opinion, including Sergio's first, "A MAD Look At
The Space Program".  Anywho, the cover has a large self-caricature of
Sergio, with a massive Sergio doodle drawing taking up the lower half of
the cover and the lower ¾ of the back cover.  (The ebay scan was too small
to make out anything)  

Well, it turns out that the drawing was lifted from the one depicting a
junkyard that appears on pages 12 & 13 of MAD #261 and there is a tiny Groo
statue.  However, some of the little tiny words and symbols are changed to
Swedish equivalents or something else entirely AND where there is a
teeny-tiny something-or-the-other in the MAD drawing, there is a teeny-tiny
Groo comic on the Swedish drawing on the back cover.   

Sooooo, that makes this publication an official Groo item and not just a
reprint of a previous Groo appearance.  

So there you go Oskar, something Swedish to track down.  Take care all, I'm
off to pick up my son from college in Southern California.  ?Gary G.