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Norway and M.E.+Tom?

Hej Mark!

What can all us Scandinavian (and other European) Groop guys and gals do
to get you and Tom to hitch a ride in Sergios´ and Stans´ suitcases when
they come over in September?

What say we spring for the cheese dip while you´re here? Sound good? How
about if you send us a list of all the stuff that you´re NOT allergic
to, and then we all occupy a restaurant near the convention and force
them to make whatever you want? I can see it now...

Restaurant owner "What? You want us to make WHAT for WHO?"
Groopers "His name is Mark Evanier and he does Groo!"

Restaurant staff all start laughing-"He does Groo! Ahahaha...."
"Shouldn´t he be eating cheese dip or mulch?!"

Groopers "Hey now! Show some respect!"

the staff keep laughing. All the Groopers go nuts and start waving their
Mark runs out of the restaurant just as a squad of policemen storm the

Police "Drop your swords and freeze! You there, leave that pot of cheese
dip alone!"


Err...well maybe not...

(unfunny Swedish guy...)