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Re: Green Monkeys and Pleated Pants

I don't know about you guys, but I have lackeys to do my waitin' for me. Of
course, if you asked my lackies about me, they would refer to me as 'friend'
rather than 'master', but that's beside the point. For an instance: I have
tickets to see Star Wars on Sunday, and I didn't have to wait one minute for
them. My lackey simply went and picked them up for me. MWAHAHAHAHA I am a


PS:  I'm going to watch "Thumbs Wars" that Star Wars spoof on TV the night
before Star Wars opens.  Anyone else here heard of it?




Finals, 10 page reports, Accounting, Statistics... Am I to be the (in true Grooish fashion) the loser? While there is Star Wars on radio, TV, and the net; I sit somewhere trying to memorize Perpetual LIFO Inventory systems and Statistical Data Analysis. Tormented by the question, to read or not to read the books to find out the story; or wait for, oh, I'd say five months to actually see the movie along with people who are seeing it for the umpteenth hundredth time.

Sadly, I wait for that day when I too shall be free of education, camping in front of a theater for a month, being interviewed by reporters of local TV and radio stations, treated as someone of mediocre importance, as the first man to grab the tickets to an upcoming movie taking place "A long time ago..."

...called "Groo the wanderer".
-Saad "Grooss Marginal" Azim
P.S. Oobi Scoobi Doobi Kanoobi?
P.P.S. Anyone plan on catching the "Animaniacs Star Wars TV Special" this weekend. Even though it's a re-run, it's a funny re-run (Slappy Wanna Nappy, Bicentenial Lemon, Chew-Boo-Ka, Brain-Too-Me-Too, 3-Pinkio).
P.P.P.S. For those who didn't understand the P.S., Yes, I have heard of "Thumbs Wars" and I am going to watch it. Some local TV station is also going to run "Star Wars: A New Hope" (NATE). Any one going to watch that?

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