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e-mail virus hoax - sorry.

Ruben Arellano wrote:

> Again (didn't you just send a similar one a few days ago, and several times before that?), I appreciate your concern
> about this, but as I'm sure people have explained to you, you can't get a virus by simply opening or reading an
> e-mail.  Please refrain from sending these sorts of 'warnings' through the Groop.
> All best,
> Ruben.

Thanks, Actually I just concern about the virus spreading over the net.

There is no virus that can infect a computer by just opening an e-mail, but the virus can be transmitted by attachment
of files in the e-mail (trojan horse) such as MS word/execution files.  Maybe the person who firstly send the e-mail
virus hoax meant that we do not open the attachment of that e-mail, not the e-mail itself.

this is the URL on e-mail virus hoax:

this is the URL about antivirus that can detect virus attach in the e-mail attachment.

sorry for the un-Groo-related postings, but I'm just concen.  It is better to be aware than to be to little too late.


The Malaysian Grooper, the Groo trooper.
ps.  To Mr. Johaidi, as a  Telekom Malaysia IS Auditor, Internal Audit department,  I think you should know about this.

Ps2 Thanks Ruben for reminding me.  Anyway I just sent it twice.  The CIH one is real.