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Crescendo News - May 1999


The spring is sprung,
The trees are sappy,
Crescendo 4.0 is released,
And we're all very happy!

OK, I'll stick to music and leave the prose to the pros. The 
verse above was realized on a beautiful spring morning in 
New England waking up to the incessant sounds of a woodpecker 
outside my window making its home. Presenting the May 1999 
newsletter, lest I break into another verse. 

You can read the May 1999 newsletter online at:


There, you'll find images, music, and helpful links. The plain 
text version of the May newsletter is provided below.


	* Introducing Crescendo MAX Featuring LiveSynth PLUS
	* Users Give Crescendo MAX Standing Ovation
	* Version 4.01 Released-Three Flavors of Crescendo!
	* We Burn CDs 4 U
	* Web Authors MAXimize Crescendo
	* Subscribing / Unsubscribing



Crescendo MAX delivers integrated real-time streaming MIDI 
music playback and a mega-bank of top quality General MIDI 
instruments. The new LiveSynth PLUS loads automatically to 
provide instant music using any sound card. LiveSynth PLUS is 
a huge upgrade for FM synth users, substituting thin-sounding 
FM blips and bleeps with in-yo-face real instrument sounds. 
LiveSynth PLUS is also perfect for listening with laptop 
computer sound systems.

Start Up Your Synth Engine
LiveSynth PLUS provides 64-voices of software wavetable 
synthesis using a whopping 5 MB sound bank. The sophisticated 
controller searchback engine updates settings for volume and 
stereo panning, even when you start playback from the middle of 
a song. When you surf to another MIDI site, controllers are 
reset to ensure proper levels when playing the next song. Go 
ahead, surf music sites all day and night - taking time out for 
meals, of course. 

Sample This!
Hruska Audio Productions is the premier audio production house 
in multimedia today. They provide digital audio engineering 
services to the best names in the computer and music 
industries. LiveUpdate and Hruska Audio have teamed up to bring 
you LiveSynth PLUS, the finest instrument sounds at a fraction 
of the cost of many other software and hardware wavetable 
synthesizers. Listen to audio clips of LiveSynth PLUS playing 
music in a variety of styles. Hearing is believing!

Two Birds with One Synth
As well as providing great sound for MIDI web sites, 
LiveSynth PLUS also upgrades Crescendo Forte's basic 
synthesizer. Crescendo MAX provides seamless automatic playback 
of MIDI embedded in web pages, and Crescendo Forte with 
RealPlayer G2 provide a convenient stand-alone MIDI player for 
locally stored files. Did you also know that you can use the 
RealPlayer Plus G2's graphic equalizer as a high-precision tone 
control for LiveSynth PLUS? Visit the Crescendo Forte Showcase 
to download RealPlayer G2 and Crescendo Forte for free. Then 
get Crescendo MAX to boost your listening pleasure all over the 



Hundreds of way-satisfied Crescendo MAX users have already sent 
unsolicited rave reviews.  Here's a short accolade sampler:  

..There's such a breadth of sound now with LiveSynth PLUS! The 
strings now have great tonal qualities. I will be recommending 
this new 4.0 version of Crescendo with LiveSynth PLUS to all of 
my on-line friends. Thanks so much for giving your buying 
public its money's worth with such quality software!...

..Thank you for the fabulous product that you guys have turned 
out! I will be sure to recommend it to everyone I know with a 
web browser and a sound card!...

..I think it is stupendous, one of the top programs in my 
arsenal. Crescendo has such depth now that I find it hard to 
believe. Kudos to you all!...

..I love the new Crescendo. I have it on all four pages of my 
website and it works beautifully...



Crescendo MAX Universal Edition      $29.95
Includes LiveSynth PLUS and all Crescendo PLUS features. 
Crescendo MAX is ideal for discerning music lovers who want to 
hear Internet music using LiveSynth PLUS' fresh new MIDI 
instrument sounds.

Crescendo PLUS Universal Edition     $19.95
Features unlimited MIDI streaming from any site, and more. 
Hear music start playing immediately without waiting for entire 
MIDI files to download. 

Crescendo Basic                       Free
The most popular free MIDI player on the Internet.

Version 4.01 is the result of six-months of intensive testing 
using all kinds of computer systems, under all kinds of 
off-road conditions. Throughout the testing period we 
concentrated on compatibility with the latest browsers and 
operating systems, as well as painstakingly preserving legacy 
support for older systems. No wonder version 4.01 is our most 
robust release ever. Even the laboratory rats we used for 
testing were measurably impressed by the stability of playback 
and authentic reproduction of their favorite MIDI hit, 
"Yes, We Have No Cheese". 

All versions of Crescendo 4.01 contain these NEW features:

New Look!
You've got the music, we have the look. The new Crescendo 
control panel is designed to look smart on any web site, and 
also goes well with the drapes. 

Song Information
Copyright information, song name, author, text, lyrics, and 
track names are displayed in a convenient new Song Information 
dialog box. 

Updated Browser Support
Increased efficiency and stability in the latest browsers 
including Netscape, Internet Explorer and AOL. 

Allow Auto-Start
You can now disable Auto-Start. Press the play button only when 
you feel like hearing music. 

Detach Button
The new control panel sports a Quick Detach icon in the upper 
right corner. Click it to manually detach a "satellite" control 
panel and surf the web while continuing to listen to a MIDI 



Well, we just read in our favorite high-tech rag that 3.5" 
floppy diskettes are passe, so we're jumping on the bandwagon 
and will now make CDs! These CD hard-copies of Crescendo PLUS 
and Crescendo MAX are available for the cost of shipping and 
handling ($6.95 in the US, and $8.95 outside the US). Order 
either Crescendo MAX or Crescendo PLUS from our online store 
to get immediate electronic delivery, and while you're at it, 
don't forget to order a backup CD to put on your software 
shelf, or mount on the wall. 



It takes a lot of creativity, technical knowledge, and hard 
work to build a great web site. Seamless playback of music 
enriches the experience of your site's visitors. Use Crescendo 
to set the mood, make a statement, or provide a playlist to 
keep your visitors entertained for hours. 

To help you create the best Crescendo enabled web sites 
possible, consider the resources below: 

Crescendo Freeware JavaScript MIDI Jukebox Code
Check out JK's MIDI GrabBag for free MIDI music files and get 
the source code for a very cool Crescendo jukebox application 
that you can customize to suit your needs. Just download the 
zip file and open the source code for "JK's MIDI GrabBag 
Playlist.html" to see what it takes to make a Crescendo 
JavaScript jukebox.

Crescendo Newsgroup
Click this link to subscribe to the Crescendo Newsgroup, a free 
forum frequented by helpful people who share Crescendo 
authoring tips and trade custom code. Join the only authorized 
Crescendo Newsgroup on the planet!

Crescendo StreamSite Key
Serve up a hot plate of streaming MIDI to keep the attention of 
your visitors. StreamSites start playing music within seconds 
of a visitor arriving at your page or clicking on a song link. 
A StreamSite Key can be added to any web site and is platform 
independent. There's also no need to involve your ISP since the 
StreamSite Key enables streaming without any server 

Test Your Site with Crescendo MAX
Get your own copy of Crescendo MAX and test LiveSynth PLUS with 
the MIDI files you're going to put on your site. When you test 
using the LiveSynth PLUS, Crescendo MAX users visiting your 
site will enjoy a consistently excellent playback experience. 
Be sure that music on your site is properly configured for 
General MIDI and LiveSynth PLUS playback by ordering 
Crescendo MAX. 



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Thanks for listening!
Jim Kometani, Crescendo Evangelist
Copyright (c) 1999 LiveUpdate. All rights reserved.