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Goats & Quirks

Jacob 'the Jacob' S. wrote:

>Something with goats?

Yes, definitely, absolutely, and fer sher. Goats are good, goats are gooood.  
 Yes, goats, goats goats goats.  


PS:  I was compelled to write this silly letter.  It's one of my quirks.  
Nate is the hyperactive peesoaked toasted bread food, Gary is the DESSESBO 
one, Ruben is the Sergiographer, and I'm the one with the thing for goats.  
Well, I'm also the one with the PSes, but that just aint enough.  I used to 
have the Old/New Business thing, but I dropped that....

PPS:  I don't really have a thing for goats, I just happen to like the way 
Sergio draws 'em.

PPPS:  Maybe........

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?