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Re: Marginals

From: Ruben Arellano <ruben@infoserve.net>
MAD #76 - present (Jan 1963-present, EC Publications)
 Missed only #111 due to illness.  Artist and/or writer for various
 stories, and marginals.

#76 was his first issue, but I don't think that it had any marginals in it --
let me know if someone tells you which issue started the marginals. Anyhow, he
only missed #111 at least....

Thanks. That first Aragones feature in MAD was silent anyway (except for the usual wordy MAD introduction, which no one reads anyway), so I'll be sure to mention that.

By the way, I just picked up THE JOURNAL OF MADNESS with the
Aragones interview of Ruben Arellano.  Aragones does a good job,
although he doesn't ask Arellano all the questions I would have.
For some reason all of the art with the interview was by Aragones,
though one did feature Arellano....

By the other way, there's a Groo vs. Asterix thread just starting on
rec.arts.comics.misc, for those who've been looking for an excuse to
start discussing Groo out in one of the more public forums.


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