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Re: Make Mine Malaysia

> I just figured out why Malaysia is of umost importance to artists all over
> the world.  This effects all illustrators, comics, draftsmen, anyone in the
> art field.......
> Sanford Pink Peal brand rubber erasers are made in Malaysia.
> And any artist will tell you, the good ol' fashioned Pink Pearl (2" x
> 3/4"), is the best there ever was or ever will be.
> ~Nate Erasertoast

Some time ago I suggested Gary to open a comic publishing business i  Malaysia
as he want all the Malaysian reprint from 4 years ago till now.  I suggested
him to sign Sergio as his first cartoonist.  maybe you can be his second
cartoonist.  The production cost here is lower than in  the states with the
facilities are as same as in the states.  Maybe you too can come here and open
a comic publishing business here.  We have Multimedia Super Corridor (you are
in some internet based graphic business) with insentives from government (free
tax for some years),  You can apply for the MSC ststus company to get those
incentives.  many big software/multimedia (graphic included) multinational
corporation are already  MSC ststused company.  besides eraser, the cost of
living here is lower than in the states.

The Malaysian Grooper, the groo trooper.