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Groo Stuff

Hi Folks!

Well, I'm back from California.  While there, we stopped by San Fran. and
saw Sergio's exhibit at the Cartoon Art Museum.  As Eric reported, it is
really cool.  It has the yellowed original art from "A MAD Look at The
Space Program", Sergio's first sale to MAD.  (btw, Bob, MAD #76 DOES have
some marginals).  There are other neat things too.  The original art for
the mass market poster, the Image poster, the Eclipse cover, the first page
of the 1977 Groo story (never actually published until the Eclipse Special
in 1984), Buzz & Bell, Smokehouse 5, more MAD and other Groo art, including
some card art.  

Also while in California, I picked up the Famous Comic Book Creator card
sets.  Later this week I will let those of you who want one know how much
to add to the $3 cost for postage.  There will be enough for everyone who
wants one.  To get the cheap price I had to buy way too many!   The "bonus"
I referred to earlier will come about later.  

Finally, I got the following message from our buddy Greg.  Could someone
please send him what he's asking for and let me know that you have done so?
 That is not something I'm not too familiar with.  Thanks.   Take care all
-Gary G.   

> From: gcraill@nz1.ibm.com
> To: grossfam@olywa.net
> Subject: Groo screensaver
> Date: Saturday, May 15, 1999 3:17 AM
> Gary,
> Could you do me a huge favour and email me the Groo screensaver for
> 95. My thinkpad doesn't have any installed  and it would give me a
> (of sorts).
> My comic shop is saving up my Groo issues so I will have a nice backlog
> read through when I get home.
> Cheers
> Greg the Groo-less Wanderer.