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Re: Hmmmm...

>I'll post for the sake of posting, but i know ill just be IGNORED AGAIN!!!

Thanks for posting. (See, I'm not ignoring you...but I am ignoring everyone

>	I guess for conversation, i can say that i just picked up fanboy #4
>today (yes i know, im late...)it was really good.  I just have one question ,
>and its about the last page ...
>hey mark,
>  Grapefruit?
>anyway, my stupid comic shop LOST MY PULL BAG!!! has this ever happened to
>anyone else?

No, they just wanted to ignore you.
>...well there, i posted.  Its just gonna get deleted anyway, but thanks to
>anyone who even reads it
>"The Ignored Grooper"
>at least i get a nickname out of it!