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....ugubadagumbah... wait.. wait... ok... type slowly and clearly.....

I've just been invited to a private screening of Star Wars Episode 1!!!! 

BLAJGAUYFYSPUTGDIGEYD!!!!!!1 Haaaaaahaaaaa!! Woooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okokok.... my best friend (Lee, you may know him from TWE) is a manager of
a Showcase Cinema and there will be a special managers' screening tomorrow.
(5/17)... and I've been invited!  No line... no crowds and all the freakin
popcorn I want for free!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!  I
just had to tell somebody before I went to bed...

I have to go change my pants... I better bring about 5 more pairs for

~Nate P.~ I'll keep an eye out for GROO.
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