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FCBC cards, etc,

Hi Folks!

First off, Mark, you hadn't told us about Seattle.  (or I missed it)  Cool!
 I'll see you there!  

OK, here's the details on getting a set of Famous Comic Book Creator cards,
a 110 card set put out by Eclipse in 1992 that includes Sergio, Mark &
Stan.  The cards themselves are $3, the protective envelope I'll use is
$.58 and the postage is $1.87 domestic, $2.05 elsewhere (cheap rate that
will take 4 weeks).  So anyone who wants a set, no matter where they are
from, should send me $5.50 (close enough).  If you just want the 3 Groo
Crew cards, let me know and send $4.00.  (I still gotta make up my cost for
the cards, but the envelope and postage are less). 

Send me your address via e-mail and I'll get it off this week.   My address

Gary Grossmann
8916 Blomberg Street SW
Olympia, Washington 98512

btw, Kevin's 1985 Groo sighting is a reprint of the cover of Epic Groo #1,
which was also used for an ad and an intro to the short story in Epic
Illustrated #27.  So it doesn't make the Groo list.  

btw2-Rene, I appreciate the compliment, but I'm not a comics encyclopedia. 
Maybe a Groo encyclopdeia.  Maybe.  

btw3-Nate, are you sure you're ready for marriage?  

Fanboy is scheduled to come out this week.  Olympia gets its weekly
shipments on Wednesday.  

Someone asked about the watch and lunch box and was afraid they had missed
something.  I believe Mark said they would probably be out this fall. 
Don't worry, when they come out, you will hear about it.  Mark keeps us
posted and we have a number of "Previews" watchers.  

Finally, I have been a bum.  After exhorting everyone to hit the
newsgroups, as Mark requested, to talk up Groo, I have not done so myself. 
I need to get my butt in gear.  

By for now and take care -Gary G.  

PS  Rat, are you still out there?