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Re: ohmygodohmygod...

I got that but I had to pay for mine?  you see, I live in a dinky little
town, with a somewhat decent theater, but a couple miles down I-5 is
Medford, which has several decent theaters and this hideos place with comfy
chairs called tinsletown?  Everyone in Ashalnd (where I live) decided to go
for comfort instead of sanity, and there are stil people camped out in front
of Tinsletown for tickets.  The local theater hasn't even sold out yet.  I'm
going to the midnight showing so there won't be many people, and for five
bucks I get unlimited popcorn, so, uh, yeah?  11 bucks for what you get for
free.  damn, I wish I had friends with cool jobs?  I guess that's a cool
job?  in this instance?  yeah.

Dan "Ramble on" LaLande

p.s. is there a hidden message in "BLAJGAUYFYSPUTGDIGEYD!!!!!!1"?  Is the
one on the end a typo, or a clue?  Should I feel stupid for trying to find a
cryptogram that works with it and decrypt it?

(shameless plug for Nate) TWE rocks!  everyone should buy several issues,
not just so they know who Lee is, but so they understand a lot of what Nate
says, and because they just KICK ASS!  Fiddlehead is great too!  and their

p.p.p.s. (adding a "p" for that plug) hmm?  Chai Shake  *drool*

>....ugubadagumbah... wait.. wait... ok... type slowly and clearly.....
>I've just been invited to a private screening of Star Wars Episode 1!!!! 
>BLAJGAUYFYSPUTGDIGEYD!!!!!!1 Haaaaaahaaaaa!! Woooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>okokok.... my best friend (Lee, you may know him from TWE) is a manager of
>a Showcase Cinema and there will be a special managers' screening tomorrow.
>(5/17)... and I've been invited!  No line... no crowds and all the freakin
>popcorn I want for free!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!  I
>just had to tell somebody before I went to bed...
>I have to go change my pants... I better bring about 5 more pairs for
>~Nate P.~ I'll keep an eye out for GROO.
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(psst nate, can I get a couple free copies for that plug?)