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Misc. Groo

Hi Folks!

Just a little house keeping while half the Groopies get over their Star
Wars euphoria.  

There is a tiny Groo in MAD #382 and at least one in Fanboy #5.  Batman is
my favorite super hero.  I can't wait to read it.  There has been at least
one Groo in every Fanboy and did anyone else notice the Rufferto Beanie
Baby (at least it looked like a beanie baby) in Fanboy #4?  And I
discovered 3 C.A.P.S. newsletters from the 80's that have original Groo
sightings without, unfortunately, being able to actually acquire the
newsletters.  Darn!  

There is no Groo in the new Oni Double Feature.  But it has a funny Sergio
one pager tilted "The Harpooner" 

I followed up on Bob's message about Groo v. Asterix comments on the
rec.arts.comics.misc  newsgroup.  Several people seemed to think Asterix
would take Groo when under the influence of the magic potion that is one of
the key elements to the premise of the story.  I  related Mark's standard
line about any crossover totaling 2 panels along with some other comments. 
No response so far.   (For those of you who don't know, this is what Mark
has said many times:  Panel One-Groo meets other character.  Panel Two-Groo
kills other character.  End of crossover.) 

On the subject of who can take whom, you would have to say that Groo &
Chakaal are dead even mano a mano.  But I would give the edge to Groo when
it comes to fighting hordes.  Chakaal is limited by being smart.  After
all, mindless carnage and destruction are best done by someone with no

Rene & Dieter, your FCBC card sets are on the way, but they will take a
while to get there.   Kevin & Chris, your FCBC cards sets are on the way. 
Kim & Mike, your Groo Crew cards are on the way.  Just send $3.50.  The
postage was cheaper for those than I thought.   Saad, I'm  waiting for you
to tell me whether you want the whole set ($5.50) or just the three Groo
Crew cards ($3.50).  Anybody else:  Just e-mail me your address and send me
the money in whatever form you want.   

Take care all-Gary G.