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RE: Misc. Groo (spoilers!)

> On the subject of who can take whom, you would have to say that Groo &
> Chakaal are dead even mano a mano.  But I would give the edge to Groo when
> it comes to fighting hordes.  Chakaal is limited by being smart.  After
> all, mindless carnage and destruction are best done by someone with no
> mind. 
	 I'm not sure about that.  When Groo fights Chakaal, its usually
defensive.  If he actually did  try to kill her, well, I'd give him the
edge.  Though she could definitely give him one the better runs for his
	 On a related note, I have hole in my Image collection and I was
wondering if the Pipil Khan plot was ever resolved or if he's still out
there in Groo land.


	Spoiler space







	Heck, the can't even hear you Starscream (sorry, inside transformer
joke : )

	I finally received G&R #4 (thanx Chris!).  Great resolution IMO.
The pacing with Pipi and Rufferto in the modern age was perfect:  chaotic,
fast, and breathtaking.  Groo's steadfast stand on the bridge was a true
show of his character:  stubborn, dumb, and loyal.  And the final scene with
the king was so funny!  I wasn't expecting it at all.  Great job Groo crew.
And pass along to Tom, Mark, that the colors on the cover were spectacular.