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Groo Stuff & SW Sacrilege

Hi Folks!  

Saad wrote:

> P.S.  Groo Vs. Lobo.  That should be interesting.
> P.P.S.  Groo Vs. Shin Gouki.  One is a creature of destruction.  The
> is a creature of destruction.
> P.P.P.S.  Then again "...panel two, Groo kills the other character."

Bingo!  Maybe he doesn't even do it on purpose.  

Sort of on that note, one of my favorite Groo scenes is when Groo finds
himself in the middle of a wizard war between Grativo and another sorcerer.
 The other guy creates a perfect replica of Groo to fight the real Groo. 
Unfortunately, the replica is TOO perfect and on the backswing of his first
sword stroke, the replica Groo decapitates his creator, which causes the
replica Groo to disappear.  

Gabe wrote:

> 	 I'm not sure about that.  When Groo fights Chakaal, its usually
> defensive.  If he actually did  try to kill her, well, I'd give him the
> edge.  Though she could definitely give him one the better runs for his
> money.   

In #89 "The Cult", a brainwashed Groo tries to kill Chakaal.  It's the same
as their other battles until Chakaal gets nailed from behind by a guy who
throws a big vase.  I think its pretty clear Sergio intends them to be even

> 	 On a related note, I have hole in my Image collection and I was
> wondering if the Pipil Khan plot was ever resolved or if he's still out
> there in Groo land.

Pipal Khan is still out there.  He keeps seeing Groo without knowing it,
Groo keeps ruining his plans without knowing it.  But Pipal Khan knows that
it's Groo ruining the plans and he keeps vowing to "Destwoy Gwoo!!!!"   I
love Pipal Khan.  He makes my wife laugh harder than any other Groo

OK, now for the SW Sacrilege:  I think Star Trek 2, 3, & 4 make a better
Trilogy than SW.  (Star Trek 6 is good too.  1 & 5 suck!)  SW is a little
too juvenile at times and some of the "technology" is just stupid, like
those giant walker things. Its also too much to think that guys who can
destroy a whole planet would be overwhelmed by overgrown teddy bears with
glorified slingshot weaponry. I need a little more "realism" in the context
of the fantasy universe presented.  

However, SW is a lot of fun and brought pure entertainment back to the
movies, for which I am very grateful.  I just thought the story got a
little thin and silly at the end.   (You can now reem me)

Take care all -Gary G.