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Fanboy # 5, G & R & Misc.

Alright, this is gonna be one of those "multi-purpose-several-postings-cramped-into-one" type posts.

#1) A tiny "Groo & Rufferto" was spotted in the top panel, somewhat above the cash register in page 3 of "Fanboy 5". BTW Mark, excellent gag on the Frank Miller Batman thing.

#1 b) I agree with (tm) Gary about Groo & Chakaal. It almost makes sense that there would be an individual, who (although through the usage of a brain) can battle Groo to a draw if necessary, a sort of an "Anti-Groo" if you will.

#1 c) Though it would be interesting to see characters that bring such death and destruction as Groo, from different "universes"; come together for a mother-of-all-mothers type battle.

#2) It is well known among Star Trek Fans, that the "even" Star Trek movies are better (2, 4, & 6... and so on). And with the "Next Generation" movies, the total number of movies have become more than 3.

#3) Think of the amount of resources it took to hire actors to play Ewoks, in a setting of a typical jungle. Think of the amount of resources it would have taken to hire actors to play Wookiees (min. height requirement 7 + feet) in a setting of cities that exist in branches of trees. Trees that are sooooo tall, that no one has ever made to the ground. By going with ewoks, Lucas saved a load of money.

#3 b) Your aggression you must learn to let go Nate. Lead to the dark side it will. Well, the dark side and a lawsuit anyway...


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