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Re: Groop Dreams & Stuff

Wow! Another Groop dream with me in it....  Soon I'll be batting better
than Fabio.


Saad Azim wrote:
> Hola!
> I had one of the strangest dreams early this morning.  I met fellow Groop
> members... there was Ruben, Gary, Uni, Josh, and Mark.  What was even more
> amusing was the fact that I recognized them without even knowing what they
> look like.  Strangely, though, everyone was wearing face paint & spandex
> (the only example I can compare it to is KISS).
> Anywho, as we talked; we begin talking about forming a super-hero team
> called "Groopies/Groopers As Superheros"; but the team logo (G.A.S.) was
> sort of a no-no.  Someone came up with the name "What", you know,sorta'
> like:
> Bad guy:  What's attacking us?
> Lackey:   What.
> B.G :     The team that's attacking us.
> L :       What.
> (Well, you get the idea)
> Then the alarm-radio blasted me into this morning.  "So close, yet so
> far..." I thought as I fumbled out of bed.
>                                                                  -Saad
> P.S.  Groo Vs. Lobo.  That should be interesting.
> P.P.S.  Groo Vs. Shin Gouki.  One is a creature of destruction.  The other
> is a creature of destruction.
> P.P.P.S.  Then again "...panel two, Groo kills the other character."
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