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Re: Groo Stuff & SW Sacrilege

I rarely join in on these threads, but what the hey, it's Thursday!

What I never got about the Walkers was that they could blow one up by
phasering it's back after it had been hog-tied and fell to the ground,
but not while it was still walking....

I think the moral he was trying to present with the Ewoks scene was that
even in the face of power and technology, there is greater strength in
numbers and heart.  I think the whol Ewok 'problem' had to do with their
costume and acting.  Imagine if they had glowing eyes and didn't waddle
around so much....

BTW, my favorite lines from the trilogy is:
Worm Head: Day Wanna Wonga?
C3PO: Oh My!  Day Wanna Wygo...

Wanna Wonga?

The Grossmanns wrote:
> too juvenile at times and some of the "technology" is just stupid, like
> those giant walker things. Its also too much to think that guys who can
> destroy a whole planet would be overwhelmed by overgrown teddy bears with
> glorified slingshot weaponry. I need a little more "realism" in the context
> of the fantasy universe presented.