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Re: Groo Stuff & SW Sacrilege

I wouldn't be suprised, there are lot's of subtle refrences to other real
world events, for example, the Emporor's rise to power follows Hitler's. 
First become a senator in a poor country in war, than take control of the
senate, then abolish then senate and become dictator.

Dan LaLande

p.s. things to look for in the new movie: older, dark green thing the same
species as Yoda on the Jedi Counsel, young Greedo (the guy Han shoots in the
cantina in New Hope), Jabba's wife, how many people really die in the movie
(hint: it was rated "PG" for 'cartoonish violence')
p.p.s.  who do you think is leading the counsel, Yoda or Samuel Jackson's

>I've heard that it was based on the United States' experience in Viet Nam.
>Put in that perspective, it's not too far-fetched.
>(no opinions intended)
> Its also too much to think that guys who can
>>destroy a whole planet would be overwhelmed by overgrown teddy bears with
>>glorified slingshot weaponry. I need a little more "realism" in the context
>>of the fantasy universe presented.