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"A long time ago", in a fictional land "Far Far away"...
there was a young lad with a troubled childhood.  Shortly,
afterwards, in what could be considered a tragic event he
was separated from his family.  Sadly, who knew,that he
would grow up one day to become a powerful warrior, virtually
unparalleled in the art of combat; associated mostly
with death and destruction (yet the character it self
gathered a loyal, almost religious following).  A man
who's very name generated horror and terror.  A man who
annihilated armies brought down empires.  A man known

Coincidence, or copyright violation?  You decide...
<<Cue "X-Files" theme song>>

                 -Saad "The Groo is out there" Azim

P.S. Yes, I KNOW they're watching me.

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