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Re: Groo Stuff & SW Sacrilege

Dan LaLande wrote:

> I wouldn't be suprised, there are lot's of subtle refrences to other real
> world events, for example, the Emporor's rise to power follows Hitler's.
> First become a senator in a poor country in war, than take control of the
> senate, then abolish then senate and become dictator.
> Dan LaLande

It 's no suprise,  actually Star wars was modelled by the world war II where
Emperor papaltine is  Hitler in real life.  Look the way the empire army's
discipline and their uniform, it is the reflection of the Nazi Germany army
during Hitler's rule.  Remember the name in the Star Wars movies.   Remember the
stormtrooper in Star wars,  German army also had stormtrooper in their ranks
during WW II.  The evil of both empire etc.... Star Wars just show hatred towards
Hitler and Nazi Germany in form of a space fiction  movie. .