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Groo News from M.E.

Our top story tonight...

The fine folks at Dark Horse are restructuring their
marketing/publishing procedures a bit.  The main impact on our work
will be that we will be working farther ahead of publication than we
have in the past.  Your Groo Crew will still be producing material at
the same pace but there will be a longer time between when we finish
something and when it sees print.

There are several advantages to this.  One is that it will be almost
impossible for any book to ever be late in the future.  The art for
our next four-issue mini-series will probably be completely finished
before the first part goes to press.  This will also make Tom Luth's
life easier.  He won't have to color whole issues in a few days and
he'll be able to do the color separations in addition to doing the
coloring.  (Right now, Tom does only the color guides on GROO; someone
else does the separations.  He does both on FANBOY.)

The disadvantage will be a bit of a lull in the release of our next
projects.  Because of that, we have decided to postpone our new
mini-series (which is a new science-fiction strip) and to do another
GROO mini-series first.  Otherwise, it would be too long between GROO

So here's the current plan...

The next time you'll see GROO in a new story will be in the issue of
DARK HORSE PRESENTS that comes out in August.  This issue of their
anthology is devoted to the childhood exploits of characters who
appear in other Dark Horse titles -- Luke Skywalker, Concrete, etc..
We'll be doing an 8-page story of the Young Groo.

Then, no Sergio/Mark is scheduled for September or October release.

In November, we will have the first issue of a new occasional series
that will be called something like SERGIO DEVASTATES DARK HORSE.  This
will not come out on any specific schedule.  Every so often, we'll do
an issue of this, each issue to spotlight our version of one or more
features that appear in other Dark Horse publications.  The first one
will probably be STAR WARS.  (Sergio, by the way, saw the new movie
yesterday and is rushing out a MAD article based on it.)

Then, in December, we release the first issue of another four-issue
mini-series.  This one will be called GROO: MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD.
It's all about the power of the press and the villains are Pipil Khan
and his three sons.

This will be followed by the science-fiction mini-series, though we'll
probably squeeze another SERGIO DEVASTATES DARK HORSE in there, also.

And that's the current plan.  Things may change...but the jokes won't.

Mark Evanier
PMB 303
363 S. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036-3124