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Blasphemy....was star Wars...

Well just to get it all off to the right way that the squirrel would do...

I will not go to the new wars movie. Nope. I think it is silly! ANd not
really Star Wars.... there I said it. I am true to the originals...that was
star wars..( okay the ewoks pissed me off...)
no matter the effects...it is not wars.
so nyahhhhhh
 " Pull my finger...."
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Von: Dr. Clarke <sac@foolarchy.com>
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Datum: Freitag, 21. Mai 1999 16:29
Betreff: Star Wars

>I don't care what anyone says... Star Wars Episode I, is still rad!!! I'm
>still caught up in the magic of it all and I'm glad I can look past to
>things that would normally pick at my bones if it were not a star wars
>movie: and that would be 8 year old boys flying in space and have battles
>(i don't care how strong the force is with you!!!!!!) and what I'd like to
>call the "Marketing Race" ... those underwater dwelling things...
>So, if I wasn't in love with Star Wars so much, it would bother me. All in
>all, it's a great flick and I cannot wait for episodes 2 & 3.
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