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Re: Groo Stuff & SW Sacrilege

    That is just tooooo deep. Hitler/Palpatine? Wow.
Luke/ Jesus? Hmmmmm....

the holy trinity: Ben/Luke/Han
Ben is the big guy, luke his "son" (okay I know I know.. it was vader, but
he is satan here okay?) and han the "ghost"

kill me now....
 " I saw what you did last nite with that chicken"
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Datum: Freitag, 21. Mai 1999 14:50
Betreff: Re: Groo Stuff & SW Sacrilege

>Dan LaLande wrote:
>> I wouldn't be suprised, there are lot's of subtle refrences to other real
>> world events, for example, the Emporor's rise to power follows Hitler's.
>> First become a senator in a poor country in war, than take control of the
>> senate, then abolish then senate and become dictator.
>> Dan LaLande
>It 's no suprise,  actually Star wars was modelled by the world war II
>Emperor papaltine is  Hitler in real life.  Look the way the empire army's
>discipline and their uniform, it is the reflection of the Nazi Germany army
>during Hitler's rule.  Remember the name in the Star Wars movies.
Remember the
>stormtrooper in Star wars,  German army also had stormtrooper in their
>during WW II.  The evil of both empire etc.... Star Wars just show hatred
>Hitler and Nazi Germany in form of a space fiction  movie. .