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Re: Groo News from M.E.

Hi Folks!!!  

ME Wrote:

> The next time you'll see GROO in a new story will be in the issue of
> DARK HORSE PRESENTS that comes out in August.  
> We'll be doing an 8-page story of the Young Groo.
WhooHoo!!!!  I love little Groo!  That should be great!!!  

> In November, we will have the first issue of a new occasional series
> that will be called something like SERGIO DEVASTATES DARK HORSE.  
> The first one will probably be STAR WARS.  

Alright!!  Can't wait 'till they nail Buffy!!!  

> Then, in December, we release the first issue of another four-issue
> mini-series.  This one will be called GROO: MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD.
> It's all about the power of the press and the villains are Pipil Khan
> and his three sons.

Little Groo followed by a Pipal Khan story!!!!!  That is just too much!! 
All I need now is for Chakaal to be brought back and for Arcadio to be
humiliated again!!!  (Or is he still a frog?)  

> This will also make Tom Luth's
> life easier.  He won't have to color whole issues in a few days and
> he'll be able to do the color separations in addition to doing the
> coloring. 

OK, technical question.  And I know a number of you guys can answer this
besides Mark.  I know what color guides are and that they have the color
codes and such.  But what exactly does the color separator do?  How do they
do what they do?  The colorist gets the shrunken photcopy of the art.  He
colors it and codes the colors.  OK, now what happens?    Thanks

Take care all -Gary G.