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Re: Groo News from M.E.

Will you as Groopers/groopies out there help The Groo team and contribute for
the Groo comics?  I give my pledge to help them when needed.  Mark, just say
it, we will help you when needed.

Mark Evanier wrote:

> On Sat, 22 May 1999 14:04:46 +0800, "Azamin \"Cantona\" Zainol Abidin"
> <azamin7@pd.jaring.my> wrote:
> >One more thing Mark.  If you run out of ides in doing Groo,  You can ask
> >us Groopers/Groopies here for some.  We will be more than glad to
> >contribute for Groo comics.
> ME: Sergio and I will never run out of ideas for Groo.
> Well, yes, I know some people think we ran out while we were at
> Pacific.  But we'll never run out of the kind of variations we've been
> doing.
> If we did, we would stop doing the comic.  We long ago vowed never to
> use anyone else's ideas ever.  (This is not because we don't think
> others can come up with such ideas.  It's just a matter of stubborn
> pride.)
> But thanks.
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