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Re: Groo News from M.E.

>OK, technical question.  And I know a number of you guys can answer this
>besides Mark.  I know what color guides are and that they have the color
>codes and such.  But what exactly does the color separator do?  How do they
>do what they do?  The colorist gets the shrunken photcopy of the art.  He
>colors it and codes the colors.  OK, now what happens?    Thanks
>Take care all -Gary G.  

~~~~ Well, I print color separations occaisionally.  It breaks down the
colors on any given page into their seperate components.  We all know
colors are composites of other colors.  I'm not sure how they do it for
comics, but basically it's A red sheet, green sheet and blue sheet that
when overlayed, creates the correctly desired color.  (I've never actually
seen it done for a comic, but I think mostly it's done on transparent
film.)  -- is that right, Chris?

BTW, Gary, I got the posters today thanks a bunch!

BTW2, I dropped off the film of the Groo Guitar to be developed yesterday.
Should have it online by next week sometime.

BTW3, Saw Star Wars twice in 2 days... I thought it was great and a ton of
fun.  Being someone who's spent some time studying sword arts, I'd have to
say that Ep.1 had some of the best sword art choreography that I've rarely
seen outside of a dojo.  Out-freakin-standing.  Worth the 8 bucks just for
the sword fighting.  The choreographer was a world-famous swordsman by the
name of Nick Gilliard.  He came up with a combination of swordart forms
that was breathtaking for the Jedi.  20 times more realistic and intense
than the original flicks.... so Squirrel, go see it if for nothing else
than the combat footage........ what a sword duel!!!!!

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