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Re: 1st post, a question

In a message dated 5/22/99 10:22:18 PM Central Daylight Time, 
wolfric@ihug.co.nz writes:

<< Hi there all, this is my first post to the groop, I only returned to the 
 fold recently.  I thought of Groo for the first time in a long time...  I 
 went into my comics and started re-reading...  My urge for cheese dip and 
 mulching was stated...  Then I thought to look up Groo on the internet, and 
 was surprised to find so much...
 Anyway, my question....
 What are the groos that have been released after the image run?

All the Groos after Image are four part miniseries done by Dark Horse. Ther 
have been two.  One entitled "Sergio Aragones Groo" where he becomes smart, 
and another(that just ended), entitled "Groo and Rufferto" which, as you 
might be able to figure out, concentrates on groo's loyal companion.

Jacob S.