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Re: Groo Sketch Card!?!?!?

Hi Folks!  

> At least mine only cost me $2.50 (that's a little accidental bragging as
> jab my elbow into Garys ribs, cause it's one of the few things I have
> he doesn't!)

(Ouch! Your elbows are very sharp.  You must be a hockey player!)  Yes, it
is one of the few things I don't have and may very well be the one thing I
am least likely to get.  $260 is way, way more than I am willing to pay for
a one in 50 card with a little Sergio Groo sketch.  I have tracked down a
couple and offered the owners a combination cash and cool groo stuff combo,
but to no avail!   

As has been pointed out before, you used to be able to get a whole Image
Groo Page or Original Groo Card art for that amount!  And I have some Groo
merchandise and significant appearance items of which there are less than
50.  The problem is CARD COLLECTORS ARE INSANE!!!!!!!!!!    So far the
prices that I have heard about are $600, $500, $260 (so far), $125 (way to
go Mike S.), $100, and, of course, Shane's $2.50.  Ah, well, such is life!

Hey, here's a merchandising idea.  Take the four promo posters and the mass
market poster and all the Groo covers and shrink them down to card size. 
Sell them in packs and boxes.  The posters and the Pacific covers could be
rare inserts.  The Eclipse cover or maybe the front and back Pacific # 6
cover could extra special super rare inserts.   Ah, but here's the real
money maker for Mark and Sergio:  Most of the inserts are not really
inserted.  Mark and Sergio sell them on Ebay through friends  every once
and awhile and make a fortune!  (I'll keep quiet for, oh, say one of each
rare card!  I'll even buy 2 boxes to make it look good)  btw, Shane is not
allowed to buy any packs!!!  

Take care all!  And for those of you who do so, good hunting for reasonably
priced Groo stuff!  -Gary G.