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Groo List on the Web (soon)

Hi Folks!

Well, since things are sooooo slow, I thought I would mention that pretty
soon the complete Official Unofficial Groo List will be on a website (my
son's) for those few deranged souls who want to see it.  I'll be able to
update it as needed.  At first it will be just the text list.  But I am
going to ask Mark and Sergio for permission to post some scans of some of
the more unusual Groo items that most folks would not otherwise see. I
think that will be pretty cool.  I realize this news is not as momentous as
the coming of Groo lunch boxes or the completion of the Groo guitar, but I
thought I would mention it.   

Also, remember when Josh and I reported Sergio's concern about too much of
his work being available on the web and that might cut into folks actually
buying it?  Josh took the opposite position that showing it would only
encourage people to buy it by exposing them to it.  Well, I'm sure both
points of view are correct on a case by case basis, but I saw a post a few
months back that bore out Sergio's concern.  I forget where I saw it, but
some guy was saying how much he loved the new Groo because he had scanned a
whole comic for himself and then sold the hard copy.  The guy would not
have sold it and the other person would have had to buy another hard copy
if he hadn't been able to scan it.  So in that case, Sergio was right.  
Anywho, food for thought.  

Take care all -Gary G.  

Pointless PS:

Someone mentioned that it is generally accepted that the even #'d Star
Treks are the best.  Well, I agree about #1 & #5, but I LOVE #3.  Captain
Kirk willingly throws away his career, and even his beloved ship to rescue
the soul of his friend.  Thereby demonstrating once again that he follows
the Federation party line until it goes against his personal values.  Then
all bets are off.  This is classic hero stuff dating back to Odysseus and I
never get tired of it!!!  Of course, i was also very happy with the lighter
tone of #4.  .