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Re: Groo List on the Web (soon)

The Grossmanns wrote:

some guy was saying how much he loved the new Groo because he had scanned a
whole comic for himself and then sold the hard copy.

This really has to be a RARE case. Someone actually dumb enough to sit for a
whole darn hour or so to scan a comic? I don´t think Sergio has to worry about
the net that much, but of course he would be concerned since it does not seem
to be one of his areas of expertise. (M.E. handles all the computer stuff
right? Besides the coloring of course...)  I like my PC but it will NEVER
replace sitting in bed with a real paper Groo before going to sleep......


ps- scanning something printed will usally not turn out all that well since
most scanners can´t sort out the little "dots" of color that make up an image
resulting in a "mouré " (mo-ah-ray: is this correct French speaking people?)
pattern visible on top of the print. It looks sorta like those LSD inspired
wallpapers they used to use in the 60s and 70s.....