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Re: Groo List on the Web (soon)

The Grossmanns wrote:
> Hi Folks!
> Well, since things are sooooo slow, I thought I would mention that pretty
> soon the complete Official Unofficial Groo List will be on a website (my
> son's) for those few deranged souls who want to see it.  I'll be able to
> update it as needed.  At first it will be just the text list.  But I am
> going to ask Mark and Sergio for permission to post some scans of some of
> the more unusual Groo items that most folks would not otherwise see. I
> think that will be pretty cool.  I realize this news is not as momentous as
> the coming of Groo lunch boxes or the completion of the Groo guitar, but I
> thought I would mention it.
> Also, remember when Josh and I reported Sergio's concern about too much of
> his work being available on the web and that might cut into folks actually
> buying it?  Josh took the opposite position that showing it would only
> encourage people to buy it by exposing them to it.  Well, I'm sure both
> points of view are correct on a case by case basis, but I saw a post a few
> months back that bore out Sergio's concern.  I forget where I saw it, but
> some guy was saying how much he loved the new Groo because he had scanned a
> whole comic for himself and then sold the hard copy.  The guy would not
> have sold it and the other person would have had to buy another hard copy
> if he hadn't been able to scan it.  So in that case, Sergio was right.
> Anywho, food for thought.
> Take care all -Gary G.
> Pointless PS:
> Someone mentioned that it is generally accepted that the even #'d Star
> Treks are the best.  Well, I agree about #1 & #5, but I LOVE #3.  Captain
> Kirk willingly throws away his career, and even his beloved ship to rescue
> the soul of his friend.  Thereby demonstrating once again that he follows
> the Federation party line until it goes against his personal values.  Then
> all bets are off.  This is classic hero stuff dating back to Odysseus and I
> never get tired of it!!!  Of course, i was also very happy with the lighter
> tone of #4.  .

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