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Re: Groo List on the Web (soon)

>It's been awfully slow for the Groop lately.... have we exhausted all the
>GROO topics we can think of?  Are we experiencing some sort of group
>psychological lull?  (Did ya ever notice that?  -- I have.)  It's as if
>we're all talkative at the same time, or all quiet at the same time.

>Nate (I'm not an oscelot)

How about...
Have you ever wondered if Groo shaves or not? Or does he have perpetually
no face hair.=)
Do you ever wonder when Chris will get to finishing a skit for mulch?
(hint, hint.)
Maybe someone can come up with moire(tm) topics for discussion.

Or Mark,
Do you ever listen to music or turn on tv when you write, or do you prefer 
peace and quiet?