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Re: puan rohiza (kinda', and oh, it IS groo related; Somewhat)

manchester United won the European Cup!!!! 2-1, both Manchester United goals
were on the 90th minutes.

This is one of the reasons I love soccer. The last minute thrills. I mean, Imagine, scoring on the last few minutes. And every one knows that the potentially losing team wont be able to win back that one vital point.

IDEA!  Groo the videogame!  You fight through an
onslaught of virtually invinsible enemies, battle
larger that life stage-bosses, accidentally kill
the maiden, beat the game after ten hours, with
blood shot eyes, thumbs sore from playing...
The ending fanfare starts, you see the ending,
the credits roll, and finally... the words scroll
up to the screen (with fanfare)  "NEW RECORD! YOU
anxiously await your reward... and your score comes

... 1

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