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signing up the chem faculty

Hi All,

Anybody else find it odd that the three unwilling Portuguese recipients of the the list all wrote exactly the same thing when requesting removal.  So, what do you think;  they all sat around at coffee break and discussed how to draft it.  I mean - the exact words is one thing but the capitalisation as well!!!
      And if you are unfortunate enough to still be with us,  go to
http://www.groo.com        find the link to "groop"  and in there you will find an unsubscribe window and you can remove yourselves.   (and if you say "why should I do that , I didn't subscribe in the first place? "  just remember;  none of us subscribed you either.)

Jose Cardoso de Menezes wrote:

 PLEASE drop me from this LIST

Gabriela Bernardo Gil wrote:

PLEASE drop me from this LIST

Mercedes wrote:

***PLEASE drop me from this LIST