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Re: signing up the chem faculty

I had already done it for them.... it's just easier that way, me thinks.


"bj.trapp" wrote:
> Hi All,
> Anybody else find it odd that the three unwilling Portuguese
> recipients of the the list all wrote exactly the same thing when
> requesting removal.  So, what do you think;  they all sat around at
> coffee break and discussed how to draft it.  I mean - the exact words
> is one thing but the capitalisation as well!!!
>       And if you are unfortunate enough to still be with us,  go to
> http://www.groo.com        find the link to "groop"  and in there you
> will find an unsubscribe window and you can remove yourselves.   (and
> if you say "why should I do that , I didn't subscribe in the first
> place? "  just remember;  none of us subscribed you either.)
> Jose Cardoso de Menezes wrote:
> >  PLEASE drop me from this LIST
> Gabriela Bernardo Gil wrote:
> > PLEASE drop me from this LIST
> Mercedes wrote:
> >
> > ***PLEASE drop me from this LIST