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Hi peoples!  Nate here. This post contains many topics! Read on!~~~~~~~~~

 I've taken on yet another project... and this one's dedicated to helping
out other comic artists.  It's called BLAMBOT Free Comic Fonts. 


I went nuts looking for free comic lettering fonts for TWE when I first
started,  and I only found one other obscure free comic font site on the
web, so I'm determined to be a primary resource for independent or el
cheapo comic producers.  Anyway,  if any of you out there are into making
fonts, make some comic lettering fonts and send em my way!  

The site's gimmic is that it's hosted by robots called BLAMBOTS.  Clicking
on a diffferent model robot will take you to a different section of the
site and will be introduced by that robot.  There isn't much to see yet,
but you'll get the idea if you take a peek now.

Next topic:

Chris, despite the fact that everyone's telling you, "no pressure" on your
MULCH! comic... I would like to say, (ahem).... BIG PRESSURE!!! DO IT
NOW!!!! C'MON!!!!!!!!!!.

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Eric, the Ocelots made me spell Oscelot wrong.  They're doing that moire
and moire lately.

Next Topic:

I think we should have more things like soccer (or football) scores on this
list. (even though I dislike sports)  Perhaps we could even have someone do
the weather.... and global news...  yeah.... and entertainment news.....
GROO NEWS & REVIEWS!  (this was a joke.... the ocelots made me write this.)

~Nate "I have no idea where I came up with the term, 'blambot'."

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