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Re: Blambot/Mulch!/etc.

At least, it is better than the Star Wars postings which are unGroo related
postings.  What happened during the Manchester United vs Bayern Munich game is
a bit Grooish where all the plan goes well until the last minutes where the
disaster struck (with 2 injury time goals) .  It sounded like there was a Groo
intervention during the game final minutes.  Maybe there was a Groo in disguise

among the Bayern Munich players who were prepared to celebrate their victory at

that time.  (That explain why I smelt cheese during the game).  Furthermore as
Star wars, some Groopers/Groopies do love Soccer (football) (Greg from New
Zealand for example)


> I think we should have more things like soccer (or football) scores on this
> list. (even though I dislike sports)  Perhaps we could even have someone do
> the weather.... and global news...  yeah.... and entertainment news.....
> GROO NEWS & REVIEWS!  (this was a joke.... the ocelots made me write this.)
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