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Re: topics/figures

At 06:21 PM 5/28/99 +0800, you wrote:
>At least, it is better than the Star Wars postings which are unGroo related
>postings.  What happened during the Manchester United vs Bayern Munich
game is
>a bit Grooish where all the plan goes well until the last minutes where the
>disaster struck (with 2 injury time goals) .  It sounded like there was a
>intervention during the game final minutes.  Maybe there was a Groo in

~~~~~ I think it's safe to say that many of us have had a lapse in
"on-topic-ness" lately, both w/ Star Wars (BTW, anyone who's interested...
the best evidence for Sidious/Palpatine is that the terrace outside
Palpatine's window (when he's talking with the Queen)  is the same one that
Sidious & Maul were walking on earlier in the film!) and soccer.... but the
question to ponder today is:  has a lack of GROO topics caused the
off-topic-ness, or has the off-topic-ness caused the lack of GROO?
(ooooh... how deep....)

As for a GROO figure, hmmm.... whichever one of your figures tends to do
the most damage when thrown, that's the one for GROO.  (heh heh... he's
gonna end up with some giant anime robot toy painted orange...  Wizard
magazine (yech) will have a picture of it titled, "The closest thing yet to
a GROO figure."

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