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Shut up already!! : ) .....please

Hey Groop

I really don´t mind off-topic stuff (after all-its another six or so
months till the next Groo fix hits us) but could you lucky people that
have seen Star Wars PLEASE put "spoiler" or something in the subject!
Its gonna be another coupla months before it hits European shores and I
don´t want to know anything till then! Its hard enough trying to filter
out all the media hype in my head! I stopped reading Nates and Azamins
messages just in time so that I didn´t get the gist of them.


(one Swedish groover who, along with lots of people, has been waiting a
looooong time for the new SW film and can still remember when he lived
in New Jersey when he was a kid and ran around playing with all those
toys and.........)