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Re: New Groo topic...

Rufferto would be Chewbacca or R2D2
Princess Leia could be Thaais (sorry about spellings) or Grooella once we
find out about the brother sister relationship
Pal n Drum could be a couple of bumbling star troopers

Dieter :)#

Ruben Arellano wrote:

> Ok, I've got to think of one... all this talk of sports, Star Wars, and
> weather is driving me bonkers.
> OK: If we were trying to draw some parallels between the Groo Universe
> and the Star Wars universe, who would be who?
> Groo = Luke?
> Rufferto = Han?
> Sage = Obe Wan? or maybe Sage = Yoda and Mulch = Obe Wan?
> C'mon folks, I'm embarrassing myself here......
> Ruben.
> And remember, NO spoilers -- if you're using names from the new flick,
> just give names but no explanations!